donderdag 21 april 2011


Every Artist should get his exhibition. Every Fashion-designer should get his Catwalk.
We say, "No, we are Free and want to have an exhibition as well!"
Come and visit it at the 28th of April at 4 to 8 pm.

Presentation 1st and 2nd Vakjaar Fashion

April 28th  – May 26th
Opening 28th 4 – 8pm
At Public Rietveld
"I'm a city map, but found no home with my very big ego.
It was hiding and showing, 
when the outer space insects were hanging from the moon. 
Feeling big and small, 
I run into time and died on overdone death. 
With no light in my coffin, 
I'm now hidden between squares and stripes".

dinsdag 19 april 2011

Give me some juice!

10:00 19th April 2011 waiting, discussing, drinking coffee, in front of room 103 in the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and then there HE is, he is coming around the corner like he would always be there..
Peter Greenaway! Peter Greenaway was in our school today, for having a talk, giving some inspiration to our fashion departement, specific to the 3th year for their upcoming fashion show.

The whole Fashioncrew: Fashion-Design-graduate-students & teachers, the Graphic-Design-graduationstudents which work for the show with the third year together, plus 3 chosen students from Fashiondesign first and second year and one Fan from Basicyear, followed Peter Greenaway inside the room 103.

Room 103 will be a special one from today on, at least for me. 
It was a great experience, although it was not about my show, since I am just in the first year but I am thankful to have been part of that group. Experiencing even all the teachers a bit intimidated. Looking up to someone all together was fun.

Peter Greenaway has it, the power, the dominant, the view trough you.
This man is an Inspiration even when he just asks for some Electricity:
"Give me some Juice" how elegant is that? Saying it while having his glasses between his lips.
Perfect start for the 2 and a half hour discussion which we had this morning in the room 103.

We explained, he listened, asked, confused, pointed out.

You can have a good show, you can have a great concept for that, but how do you make it manifest?
How do you sell yourself?
What I learned again is that Communication is the A from the whole Vocabulary.
We should speak it out what we want to say and not putting to much attention to other things around. Come to the point, but make it  in a sharp way. ( Like Dunchamp, Peter Greenway would say)
Use the Classics from before, but dare to Make your own stuff.
We often stay in our confident zone and let others think for us, like in the Cinema (Text) or in Museum by reading the Legend, we avoid the own thinking.
Make it your own, work on your visual language by using your narrative one:
"Goodbye Textmaster & Hello Imagemaster"
We live in a time of Images, Screens, and Movement.
Fashion is part of it. Fashion is a Style, a Phenomenon of our Environment.
We are the sculptors, who should rule the "Todays Vocabulary", the Screen.

Yes, thank you Peter Greenaway, "Im just from the first year", thats all I could say to you, but I took a lot with me from that day in room 103.

I am curious for the day of the 3th years Fashionshow in June,
  it is the day THEYwill Get some Juice!

The cook, the thief, his wife, and her lover ( one of his most famous movies)
but also check out:
The Wedding
Tulse Luper
Nursery Tales
M is for Mozart etc.

woensdag 13 april 2011


There it starts ...there it ends.
An ending always has the nice effect of a new beginning.

That's how it is also with an education.
3 intense years to develop your mind, your skills, yourself.
3 years to prepare yourself for the professional world out there.
Our third year of the Fashion-departement are writing, during this whole process of their last year at the Rietveld, a Blog, called SIXEDGES.
To document their progress, throughout the year, to share their thoughts, ideas and inspiration.

Great idea that we would like to share with you. 
We will read your last year experiences with curiosity and are excited about the outcome in the end..
The journey itself is the goal, but you have to start somewhere...

dinsdag 5 april 2011


Kennedy van der Laan is a Lawyerscompany which needed some Fashionhelp.

Erik Mattijssen, Teacher at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and Artist, was searching for the perfect fashionable Nymphs which would give some nympic, mystic Atmosphere to the Lawyers when they would get an introduction to their new Program Public & Relation Center "PARC" at the 1 of April 2011.

Niki, Poul, Danny, Charlotte and me were the 5 chosen Nymphs, which had to snare them down to the Lobby "Parc" and seduce them with some Drinks, Snacks and a little Tree.

" Meet me in the Parc at 4 o'clock" 

 It was Nymphomanic...Thank you Erik. We had a lot of fun! Not just the day itself, also the days before, while we were designing our Nymphcostumes.

I think we were quite pretty Nymphaliens between all the Lawyersuits...

zaterdag 2 april 2011

CCC FashionBreeze

During the last week we got a bit smarter& we got freshen up since we cleaned the whole departement ( Thanks to the people who were there to help)....

It was a special week. It was Studium Generale Week were also busy Fashionpeople took part.
The theme was Cinema Clash Continuum ( CCC).
It was about Film & History in the age of Godard. You could choose 2 out of 9 different courses.
I do not know what other chose but I can tell you that you should definitely have a look at Jonas Mekas Movies.
I got to know his work this week. He is a Lithuanian Filmartist. Moved to New York during the 60ies where Experimental Filmmaking started to boom.
The films are quiet but tell a lot. To me at least. 
I posted one short screen  of one of his movies called:

"I never understood life.
I never understood people
The real people
I still do not understand them and 
I do not really wanna understand them"

It is not necessary to understand others, you do everything for yourself. Life is a Game. 
Have fun and play around.
Every Filmmaker makes his film in the end for himself. 
Every painter does his painting for himself..
Every Fashiondesigner designs his collection for himself.

It is not necessary to have a big audience but it is wonderful if at least one person in this world reads your poems...
So we are happy you read our fashionblog and are interested in our designs & development.