maandag 2 mei 2011

INSIDE- Put your hand in the hole

It happened, finally also the Fashion-Departement got to exhibit. 
It was on a Thursday the 28 of April, starting at 4 with a big success Inside and turning around 8, into a chilled Being-Together,mainly Outside the Exhibition.

Of course, when Fashion is doing an Opening, there are not just Drinks, Fingersnacks and nice Socialising, WE WORK. Always. With Passion and Fun.

Our departement turned the whole Opening into a "little" performance which you could not avoid since it happened while you were entering the building.

Going into the black tunnel at the entrance, being asked to put your hand in the hole and leaving the black cage with a nicely printed, fashion-designed bracelet and a wonderful colorful Happy-Fashionnail made by the 2 lovely Girls Nora and Julia from the Graphic-departement (

People were surprised, confused and happy, so were we. It was a success.
We were happy to see that they really looked at our Installation of  our Designs from  the assignement: Being in 2 Worlds ( 2nd year) and Running into...( 1 year).

Totally happy nailed, inside and outside, we run into a total feeling of being fashionably successful.

Thank you all so much and please enjoy the Exhibition till the 28 of May in the Space next to the Library.