vrijdag 16 september 2011

We like it New

New is the New Thing 
We like it and you will see it
New Year New People New Coordinator New Fashion

This new thing we started curious this week.
 After the Introduction trough Ben Zegers and getting to face the new Head of Fashion Nils Klavers, owner of the Dutch Fashiondesignlabel Klavers van Engelen we were all happy and motivated to start in the new year.
The fresh start we keep fresh in a moulage way. For the next 2 weeks we will be teached by Peter van Gorp in Moulage.
Moulage is a way of getting your design, sculpting your Textil on the Doll and finding your pattern.
It is a way to feel the textil around the body and you find out quite soon that Impossibility is possible..

The Moulageworkshop was now our first week, for new people from the first year their first touch with Fashion-design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, for people from year before a great week..
A week which let us believe again, believe in us, in learing. Believe in Fashion at this school.

I can just speak from my point of view but I have to say: I learned so much helpful points of Moulage from Peter van Gorp.
Sometimes you know more in 4 days then after a whole year..

It is intense but people who want to be in Fashion they will know soon Intense is what we need, want and which brings us the success..
With this start we all know the Rietveld Fashion will be a success...a New one!!

maandag 11 juli 2011

If people look at the same...

4 days of showing work, showing off, showing words, showing work, showing emotion, showing just showing.
The Graduationshow from Rietveld
I was there the first day, but had to leave again..
Too much emotion, i felt all this excitement, the pressure who was gone or still bubbling around, too much people, too much.
I was there the last day and checked out work which grapped me, is it because of color, the appearance, or is it because of the subject..
Just simple minded i went trough it and made picture of my favorites at that last day, the day which would end with Graduates going home with their diploma in their bag...
That was the right day for me to go there..its never too late. Even the last day made it.
Good things & Bad thoughts both were existing...
But as an overall opinion:
Rietveld pushes the boundaries that is for sure..
That is what you get out of it, that is the spirit.
Sometimes i did not understand it or did not even want to understand it..but with other things I had a connection at first view.
 But that's the interesting thing of it...when people look at the same thing.
What happens..who do you get as your follower after that, who will wants to know even more and picks up a card to get curious home to check out your website.
There are people and people..and we were all there..but in  how many livingrooms your card is lying now i can not tell...but i can show you a  bit of the part which I took with me...
Robert Alex Petersen, "LIGUSTRUM"

 Anna Hillbom, "The wall"
                                                     Yukarti Matsumoto, " Flowers"
 Our Fashiongraduates:
 Amos Tranque
 Jana Chocholackova
 Joshua Enker
 Patricia Guarda, Curious Skin
 Amber Veel, Still-life
               Calypso Schuijt, Twinned

 Artist, Dogtime

Without picture but Website you should check in MY opinion:

And anyway one of the best Ones for ME was jewellery:
Here a video of Jewellery Designer Nhat-Vu Dang:

Momentary Jewellery

Momentary Jewelry from DAN/NAD on Vimeo.

donderdag 30 juni 2011

Exhibit IT / YOU

Be outspoken, say what you think and show it. DO NOT HIDE.
Be proud of you, whatever you think, its already special since nobody else thinks like you. 
That's one of the things i learned a lot this year in Fashiondesign at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie.
The Fashionshow is over, Our five 3th years students are all graduated & pushed out into the world.
The Classroom is cleaned up and must look at this time not at all anymore like a Room where Fashion gets to his point...
It turns into an Exhibiton room. Exhibition of Graduation. Next week it will be the start, the 6th of July is the big Opening.
All the Graduates, of each department, from the Rietveld show their way of thinking and believing in. 
In our Fahsionroom Graphicvisions will take over and the Fashiontrends you will find behind the building in a glasshouse next to the water..
Come by and be part, while we exhibit us.

Between that I, Manuela Ernst, 1 year, last year, soon 2nd year , next year, had my first Opening last week in Maison des Cartes in Amsterdam, French Embassy. During 2 months I worked for a french Designer  Francoise André, " auxcorpsanonymes". Inspired by her collection, which carries the story of the Maoriculture and working with Lace for Men, I created my Maori Frogman Look. 

For Francoise Andre- Aux Corps Anonymes: I designed in honor of Mana and the Maori culture the Maori Frogman Headpiece:

Neoprene Hoodie with a feather-laceprint gives a surferfeeling and shows masculine power cause of its straight shape.
A Lacehood, embroidered with sparkling Swarovskis in direction of the water spiral Mana, frames the head.
Wool knitted Sweater in purple and coralorange, magic and sea-related , carries the pattern of the wooden figures that Maori use for their spiritual Rituals.

Maori Frogman is full of power and carries the story of your essence in life with it. I love to tell you the story about Mana. The holy river Mana is the essence of my design. "

You can still have a look at the Exhibition " Aux marins célestes till the 22nd of July. 
The opening itself was my fist experience of exhibiting myself trough my work  to a public outside of school. It was fashionably good. Good, I took that opportunity and let people see my way of thinking.
Can just advice to the Graduates to enjoy their show next week.

EXHIBITION aux marin célestes 21 of June till the 22 of July in Masion des Cartes Amsterdam

                                                     My Maori Frogman

Marins célestes - exposition à la Cité de la dentelle de Calais from Mélinda Trochu on Vimeo.

zondag 19 juni 2011

The Show

A year of creating, months of designing, weeks of producing, days of styling...
All  were working towards one day, one show, the fashion show 2011 from the Rietveld Academie.
And then its over...and life goes one.
Bye R for Rietveld Hello R for Reality...
Our 5 graduation students made us all shown that Rietveld Fashion has the power to rock.
It's a small department, but there is some potential. Lots i would say.
We all enjoyed the day, some Backstage pictures for now and soon the pictures of the Show itself.
Check the link: fashion2011.rietveldacademie.nl
We are  already curious about your upcoming collections in the fashionworld out there.
Pablo Londono Sarria, we can follow from now on his new launched website.
I hope the 4 other graduates will keep us updated too.