donderdag 2 juni 2011

Fashion Smell

It smells like Fashion..or like grandma's herbs, old memories and blood?

The Rietveld Fashion department had the honor to get a perfume lesson from THE NOSE. The italian, based in Amsterdam, perfume creator, Alessandro Gualtieri, entered sharp at 9 o'clock on the 24th of may in our fashion space and let us smell on each others old pillows, kitchen sauce, old shoes, new shoes, cathair and so on during 5 hours and then he left silent as he came.

We all brought our smells. A week before we knew he would come to us, we prepared and collected smells everywhere. 
What is smell exactly? For everyone it has another meaning. Smell can be really radical& rational collected or can be seen as a personal experience, combined with a feeling or a memory that you get when you smell it.

We do not know yet what the secret is to make a fragrance, but we know, it is actually not at all about the fact how you gonna make it...

The interesting thing is again, how do you bring your memory or your feeling, that you have to the others?  How do you make the others want to smell it, want them to have it on them? How do you sell your smell? your taste?
You have to trigger them. But never forget to enjoy it.
Is it, not also the same again, while designing Fashion? I guess it's always about that.
Speak out in some way, which you choose, which makes it your own, what you want to let them feel, or smell or in our case wear, look like.
Smell some Fashion.

Alessandro Gualtieri came in a tasteless room, and he left us in a space full of different perfumenotes, smells of personal experiences and thoughts.
The meeting with the nose was like meeting a magician for me..
He discussed with each of us, one by one, the smells and could read partly our personality with it.
Good smelly experience, the story is not finished with the nose,but it's on us to take it and make something out of it. You should go deep into it, smell it fully and let the others experience the same as you. Share it. Its a honor to smell.

Smells Like Arabian Spirit The Official Trailer from maher Al Sabbagh on Vimeo.

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