maandag 11 juli 2011

If people look at the same...

4 days of showing work, showing off, showing words, showing work, showing emotion, showing just showing.
The Graduationshow from Rietveld
I was there the first day, but had to leave again..
Too much emotion, i felt all this excitement, the pressure who was gone or still bubbling around, too much people, too much.
I was there the last day and checked out work which grapped me, is it because of color, the appearance, or is it because of the subject..
Just simple minded i went trough it and made picture of my favorites at that last day, the day which would end with Graduates going home with their diploma in their bag...
That was the right day for me to go there..its never too late. Even the last day made it.
Good things & Bad thoughts both were existing...
But as an overall opinion:
Rietveld pushes the boundaries that is for sure..
That is what you get out of it, that is the spirit.
Sometimes i did not understand it or did not even want to understand it..but with other things I had a connection at first view.
 But that's the interesting thing of it...when people look at the same thing.
What happens..who do you get as your follower after that, who will wants to know even more and picks up a card to get curious home to check out your website.
There are people and people..and we were all there..but in  how many livingrooms your card is lying now i can not tell...but i can show you a  bit of the part which I took with me...
Robert Alex Petersen, "LIGUSTRUM"

 Anna Hillbom, "The wall"
                                                     Yukarti Matsumoto, " Flowers"
 Our Fashiongraduates:
 Amos Tranque
 Jana Chocholackova
 Joshua Enker
 Patricia Guarda, Curious Skin
 Amber Veel, Still-life
               Calypso Schuijt, Twinned

 Artist, Dogtime

Without picture but Website you should check in MY opinion:

And anyway one of the best Ones for ME was jewellery:
Here a video of Jewellery Designer Nhat-Vu Dang:

Momentary Jewellery

Momentary Jewelry from DAN/NAD on Vimeo.

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