vrijdag 16 september 2011

We like it New

New is the New Thing 
We like it and you will see it
New Year New People New Coordinator New Fashion

This new thing we started curious this week.
 After the Introduction trough Ben Zegers and getting to face the new Head of Fashion Nils Klavers, owner of the Dutch Fashiondesignlabel Klavers van Engelen we were all happy and motivated to start in the new year.
The fresh start we keep fresh in a moulage way. For the next 2 weeks we will be teached by Peter van Gorp in Moulage.
Moulage is a way of getting your design, sculpting your Textil on the Doll and finding your pattern.
It is a way to feel the textil around the body and you find out quite soon that Impossibility is possible..

The Moulageworkshop was now our first week, for new people from the first year their first touch with Fashion-design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, for people from year before a great week..
A week which let us believe again, believe in us, in learing. Believe in Fashion at this school.

I can just speak from my point of view but I have to say: I learned so much helpful points of Moulage from Peter van Gorp.
Sometimes you know more in 4 days then after a whole year..

It is intense but people who want to be in Fashion they will know soon Intense is what we need, want and which brings us the success..
With this start we all know the Rietveld Fashion will be a success...a New one!!

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