zaterdag 2 april 2011

CCC FashionBreeze

During the last week we got a bit smarter& we got freshen up since we cleaned the whole departement ( Thanks to the people who were there to help)....

It was a special week. It was Studium Generale Week were also busy Fashionpeople took part.
The theme was Cinema Clash Continuum ( CCC).
It was about Film & History in the age of Godard. You could choose 2 out of 9 different courses.
I do not know what other chose but I can tell you that you should definitely have a look at Jonas Mekas Movies.
I got to know his work this week. He is a Lithuanian Filmartist. Moved to New York during the 60ies where Experimental Filmmaking started to boom.
The films are quiet but tell a lot. To me at least. 
I posted one short screen  of one of his movies called:

"I never understood life.
I never understood people
The real people
I still do not understand them and 
I do not really wanna understand them"

It is not necessary to understand others, you do everything for yourself. Life is a Game. 
Have fun and play around.
Every Filmmaker makes his film in the end for himself. 
Every painter does his painting for himself..
Every Fashiondesigner designs his collection for himself.

It is not necessary to have a big audience but it is wonderful if at least one person in this world reads your poems...
So we are happy you read our fashionblog and are interested in our designs & development.

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