dinsdag 5 april 2011


Kennedy van der Laan is a Lawyerscompany which needed some Fashionhelp.

Erik Mattijssen, Teacher at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and Artist, was searching for the perfect fashionable Nymphs which would give some nympic, mystic Atmosphere to the Lawyers when they would get an introduction to their new Program Public & Relation Center "PARC" at the 1 of April 2011.

Niki, Poul, Danny, Charlotte and me were the 5 chosen Nymphs, which had to snare them down to the Lobby "Parc" and seduce them with some Drinks, Snacks and a little Tree.

" Meet me in the Parc at 4 o'clock" 

 It was Nymphomanic...Thank you Erik. We had a lot of fun! Not just the day itself, also the days before, while we were designing our Nymphcostumes.

I think we were quite pretty Nymphaliens between all the Lawyersuits...

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