dinsdag 19 april 2011

Give me some juice!

10:00 19th April 2011 waiting, discussing, drinking coffee, in front of room 103 in the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and then there HE is, he is coming around the corner like he would always be there..
Peter Greenaway! Peter Greenaway was in our school today, for having a talk, giving some inspiration to our fashion departement, specific to the 3th year for their upcoming fashion show.

The whole Fashioncrew: Fashion-Design-graduate-students & teachers, the Graphic-Design-graduationstudents which work for the show with the third year together, plus 3 chosen students from Fashiondesign first and second year and one Fan from Basicyear, followed Peter Greenaway inside the room 103.

Room 103 will be a special one from today on, at least for me. 
It was a great experience, although it was not about my show, since I am just in the first year but I am thankful to have been part of that group. Experiencing even all the teachers a bit intimidated. Looking up to someone all together was fun.

Peter Greenaway has it, the power, the dominant, the view trough you.
This man is an Inspiration even when he just asks for some Electricity:
"Give me some Juice" how elegant is that? Saying it while having his glasses between his lips.
Perfect start for the 2 and a half hour discussion which we had this morning in the room 103.

We explained, he listened, asked, confused, pointed out.

You can have a good show, you can have a great concept for that, but how do you make it manifest?
How do you sell yourself?
What I learned again is that Communication is the A from the whole Vocabulary.
We should speak it out what we want to say and not putting to much attention to other things around. Come to the point, but make it  in a sharp way. ( Like Dunchamp, Peter Greenway would say)
Use the Classics from before, but dare to Make your own stuff.
We often stay in our confident zone and let others think for us, like in the Cinema (Text) or in Museum by reading the Legend, we avoid the own thinking.
Make it your own, work on your visual language by using your narrative one:
"Goodbye Textmaster & Hello Imagemaster"
We live in a time of Images, Screens, and Movement.
Fashion is part of it. Fashion is a Style, a Phenomenon of our Environment.
We are the sculptors, who should rule the "Todays Vocabulary", the Screen.

Yes, thank you Peter Greenaway, "Im just from the first year", thats all I could say to you, but I took a lot with me from that day in room 103.

I am curious for the day of the 3th years Fashionshow in June,
  it is the day THEYwill Get some Juice!

The cook, the thief, his wife, and her lover ( one of his most famous movies)
but also check out:
The Wedding
Tulse Luper
Nursery Tales
M is for Mozart etc.

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